Hi, I'm Kien

I'm a software developer with a passion for financial technology.

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Aareas Interactive Inc.

2 year*, Software Developer
Toronto, Ontario

Project: Digital Asset Manager (DAM)
- Designed & maintained the company's asset managing platform, which manages over 1 millions 3D & Renderings
- Front-end: Angular, VueJS, JQuery, Bootstrap
- Back-end: C#, Postman, AWS S3

Techmien Corporation

4 months intern, Front-end developer
Markham, Ontario

Project: OCADU Porfolio
- A website generator that creates "Profiles" for the OCADU students based on the information that they provide.
- Front-end: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Project: Toronto Showroom
- A mobile app that intergrates the use of Beacon technology, allowing users to navigate and gather information inside a large showroom, giving them better educational experience.
- Front-end: Ionic/Angular


1. Dividend Manager

Written using Ionic/Angular + Finnhub API. This app allow users to select a set of stocks/ETFs and manage their earnings from dividends. Features included:
- Dividend calendar, yield calculation
- News gathering

2. saveFood-Toronto

Written using Ionic/Angular. This app works just like Uber Eat, but insteads of odering and delivering food, users on this platform can receive and donate spare food. Features included:
- Works on all platform
- Geolocation

3. Crandits.ca - Credit card browser for Canadians

A small ap written in pure JavaScript that helps our Canadian folks browser for the credit cards that suit their life styles, based on Type, Rewards, Fees and other filters.
- Cover all the credit cards and issuers available in Canada (yep, there's love for Quebec)
- Free, fast and responsive. Can be used as an advanced filter, to narrow down the criterias to get the card that you need.

4. This Portfolio

This portfolio of mine also written in HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. I'm a huge believer of using Vanilla JavaScript over all the fancy frameworks when it comes to build small and reliable app.


Centennial College, Advanced Diploma

2017 - 2019 | Toronto, Canada
- Achieved 3 interships with maximum satisfaction from employers.
- Volunteer in an activity that helps students who were looking for co-op with their navigations
- Graduated with 2000 hours of real-life-working experiences
- 3.1 GPA, tho it doesn't matter

LQD Highschool for Gifted Students | Highschool GED

2013 - 2016 | Vung Tau, Vietnam
- Achieved foundational knowledge of programming algorithms.
- 3rd place in a local Pascal Programming Contest.


Since forever, I never stop learning
Online courses:
- freeCodeCamp
- fireship.io
- Khanacademy
- Dev.to