Hi, I'm Kien

I'm a software developer with a passion for financial technology.

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Aareas Interactive Inc.

2 year*, Software Developer
Toronto, Ontario

Project: Digital Asset Manager (DAM)
- Designed & maintained the company's asset managing platform, which manages over 1 millions 3D & Renderings
- Front-end: Angular, VueJS, JQuery, Bootstrap
- Back-end: C#, Postman, AWS S3

Techmien Corporation

4 months intern, Front-end developer
Markham, Ontario

Project: OCADU Porfolio
- A webapp that generates "Profiles (Portfolios)" for the OCADU students based on the information that they provide.
- Front-end: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Project: Toronto Showroom
- A mobile app that intergrates the use of Beacon technology, allowing users to navigate and gather information inside a large showroom, giving them better educational experience.
- Front-end: Ionic/Angular


1. Dividend Manager

Written using Ionic/Angular + Finnhub API. This app allows users to select a set of stocks/ETFs and manage their earnings from dividends. Features included:
- Dividend calendar, yield calculation
- News gathering

2. Crandits.ca - Credit card browser for Canadians

A small ap written in pure JavaScript that helps our Canadian folks browser for the credit cards that suit their life styles, based on Type, Rewards, Fees and other filters.
- Cover all the credit cards and issuers available in Canada (yep, there's love for Quebec)
- Free, fast and responsive. Can be used as an advanced filter, to narrow down the criterias to get the card that you need.

3. saveFood-Toronto

Written using Ionic/Angular. This app works just like Uber Eat, but insteads of odering and delivering food, users on this platform can receive and donate spare food. Features included:
- Works on all platform
- Geolocation

4. This Portfolio

This portfolio of mine also written in HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. I'm a huge believer of using Vanilla JavaScript over all the fancy frameworks when it comes to building small and reliable app.


Centennial College, Advanced Diploma

2017 - 2019 | Toronto, Canada
- Achieved 3 interships with maximum satisfaction from employers.
- Volunteer in an activity that helps students who were looking for co-op with their navigations
- Graduated with 2000 hours of real-life-working experiences
- 3.1 GPA, tho it doesn't matter

LQD Highschool for Gifted Students | Highschool GED

2013 - 2016 | Vung Tau, Vietnam
- Achieved foundational knowledge of programming algorithms.
- 3rd place in a local Pascal Programming Contest.

Contributed projects:

- https://github.com/TokenTax/cryptoicon-api
- https://github.com/sxhoangha/ARAppGroupProject
- https://github.com/ronaldo127/BladeRunner